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Lingerie Care

It is recommended that you change bras daily as the elastic in the bras needs to relax and recover after a day of wear.


  • Always follow the care label instruction on lingerie.
  • Many items are hand wash - Hand washing your bras can lengthen the life of bras.
  • Always hand wash your lingerie in cold water.
  • If the product is made of silk, satin and lace please exercise extra caution when rubbing so as not to pull threads.



  • After washing pull the item into shape and line dry or dry flat if instructed.
  • Don’t leave damp bras in a crushed state as the foam cups may become permanently damaged.
  • Never tumble dry lingerie as the heat will damage the delicate fabrics, padding and elastic fibres.
  • We recommend you replace your bras when you note the cups becoming distorted or if the elastic is getting loose which could be caused by the age of bras or a washing error.